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A1mobi Platform (Enterprise)

Great apps. Mobilized data. Real-time analytics.
One Platform.

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Titanium (Developers)

Create amazing, cloud-connected native apps
using JavaScript.

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Why do you need an enterprise mobile platform?

Today companies must offer great apps that run on a range of devices, and connect to an exploding set of backend data. A1mobi solves for this new mobile reality: delivering native cross-platform apps at the speed of web, mobilizing any data source, and driving success with real-time analytics – all from an open, cloud-based platform.
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scale your mobile apps

How do you go from one app to one hundred?

The hard part isn’t starting. It’s scaling. Mobile apps are fast replacing web applications as the way we buy, share, search, learn and collaborate. For the enterprise, this means a world in which every software project is a mobile project.

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Point tools and legacy methods won’t cut it

Mobile is driving a new standard for the way we design, build, test, integrate and measure apps – a standard that point tools and legacy solutions can’t match. The old ways lead to data silos, stressed architectures, security compromises and overall higher costs for poorer results.
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why you need a mobile enterprise platform
the appcelerator platform

The A1mobi Platform

It takes a platform

Behind every world-class mobile enterprise stands a modern IT team equipped to provide:

  • Apps that impress across any device
  • APIs for scalable, mobile-optimized data access
  • Analytics to measure success and drive ROI

Those teams count on one solution, purpose-built for the mobile age. We call it the A1mobi Platform.

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Learn more about the key capabilities within the A1mobi Platform – an open, cloud-based enterprise platform for creating, delivering and analyzing your mobile applications across the lifecycle.

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